Absorption Fast Dry Bathroom Mat

Absorption Fast Dry Bathroom Mat

Diatomaceous earth itself does not contain drugs, humidity control ability, clean air and comfortable and practical, economic and environmental protection, good quality and so on. Compared to the traditional foot pad, it is easy to dry, easy to dust, not easy to mold, no bacteria breeding, cleaning and other advantages.

Product Details

Right for any room, home decor, floors high-value, high in quality and durability.

Care instructions: regular vacuuming, live clean. The carpets are smudge, fade resistance, not off, easy to clean

Environmental protection materials, non-slip moisture and easy to clean, can any crop, Soundproof buffer, stitching firmly

Parent, mats perfect craft will inevitably lead to small defects (for example, small nicks, small wear, bubble on the back of the hole, cuts and the odor, etc.) which are normal